About EthiLogical

EthiLogical started out as a concept with the goal of offering beautifully crafted accessories and garments with a mission. With our “10% for change™” program, 10% of the revenue from every purchase supports a non-profit or is used to invest in socially responsible ventures such as carbon mitigation and reforestation.

We are dedicated to sourcing ethically, and designing logically for the modern individual.

We offer sustainably sourced and ethically made products "from product to packaging™" 

We provide our customers with the option to offset carbon from shipping, but this is totally optional, just another way for our products to go further and do more for the world, together with all of you!


I've always liked the concept "nothing ventured, nothing gained" starting EthiLogical was one of the most amazing and rewarding adventures that I have ever decided to embark on. I knew that I wanted to start a company which embodies both ethics and logic so I decided to go with the name that made the most sense, EthiLogical. What better way to represent the concept than to put words and ideas together and create something that reflects everything that is good in the world back at people, to remind them of the wonders of culture, artisanship and exploration; creating economic empowerment and helping build a better world all the while. I hope that you all will like the new line of tees that we are putting out this spring/summer!-Dylan, CEO and Creative Director